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Oct 3, 2017

During the last few months, we have had a huge increase in interest for Life Insurance. A recent situation with a client caught our attention and we wanted to share with you. We recently met with a client to go over their policy, they were adamant that Life Insurance wasn't necessary because they had a policy with their work. We reminded them that usually those policies aren't close to enough coverage. Here was our exchange and solution!

Client Name: John Doe

Age: 45 Years Old...

Do You Have A Spouse: Yes

Do You Have Any Children?: Yes

Estimate of Need For Final Expense (Funeral & Burial): $15,000 is the 2017 annual average in the U.S.

Personal Income: $85,000

Do You Have A Mortgage: Yes - $200,000 Owed.

Student Loans: Yes - $30,000 (Personal Only, Doesn't include Spouse)

Any Other Debt: $15,000 (Auto Loan)

Family Monthly Needs (Food, Utilities, Transportation, Vacation): $3,000 per month for the next 20 Years

Do You Want To Contribute To Your Children's Education? Yes
Child 1 (12 Years Old) - Public University
Child 2 (8 Years Old) - Public University
Estimated College Education - $156,000

Would You Life To Leave An Inheritance or Charitable Gift? Yes
$20,000 ($10,000 for each Child)

How Much Do You Already Have In Life Insurance: N/A

Any Other Accounts, Stocks, Bonds that could be used to cover expenses? N/A

Based on this client's responses, the estimated amount of insurance coverage needed is: $1,156,384.00

We can provide this coverage! We can make this coverage extremely affordable as well with a universal life policy or a term policy. Please give us a call to at least review your situation and who knows maybe you will see a need for a policy or additional coverage as our client did above. Consultations can be done via phone, email or in-person, they are 100% free and there is no obligation. This provides peace of mine for our agency that we have made you and your loved ones aware of the importance of this coverage. Call 513-624-0900 ext. 306 and ask for Jake to set-up an appointment.

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