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Product Liability Insurance

from Brodbeck Porter Insurance Agency

Oct 27, 2014

Product Liability Insurance is something that you have probably not come in contact with unless you are a small business owner or a large business owner that decides it is a good idea to start getting insurance to protect all of the hard earned work that goes into running a business. Often times, this type of insurance needs to be obtained for a company that promotes or sells a product and wants to protect themselves from potential consumer lawsuits. These lawsuits usually come from some sort of injury, health issue, or defect that directly affects the consumer. This negative effect is so drastic that the consumer will hire a lawyer and make a large claim against the company.

When you are looking for a company that will offer insurance for a small business there are a few things to think about. The first being that there are a lot of different types of liability insurance and product liability insurance is just one type. You may also want to talk with a lawyer who can give you some good advice on what types of insurance may be appropriate for your business needs. This sometimes can be better than asking a private insurance company because they may not know the in’s and out’s of the legal system.

If you do decide that product liability insurance is perfect for you then you move on to the next step which is determining what plan is right for you. Just as in the case of car insurance, there are dozens of options that can be added to your product liability insurance. Its best to do some intensive research on all of the possible configurations before you sign anything on the dotted line.

This type of product insurance at the end of the day is to help assist you with protecting your hard earned financial assets in case the unthinkable happens. It is also a good practice to have some rigorous testing procedures in place to start product safety at the time it comes out of your facility. There are even some lawyers that specialize in small business liability and it would be helpful to seek out some official counsel. You may own your own small business but it does not hurt to have some expert advisors with you get into territory that is unfamiliar to you or anyone else on your staff. At the same time you are looking at product liability insurance it may also be worth checking into other types of insurance policies to make double sure you are protected.

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