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Tips for Surviving Hurricane Season

from Brodbeck Porter Insurance Agency

May 14, 2014

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Create a disaster plan to protect yourself and your family. Planning how you will take cover in your home or evacuate, if necessary, can help reduce anxiety and minimize loss of life and property.

Designate an evacuation point outside the area. Choose a safe place, such as a friend's or relative's house, far enough away from your area to minimize the chance that you'll have to evacuate again. Have a back-up option just in case you're unable to stay at your primary evacuation point.

Put together an emergency kit. Your hurricane preparedness kit should include non-perishable food, water, first aid supplies, flashlights, camping supplies (stove, battery–powered lantern, etc.), extra batteries, blankets and any personal items you may need (medications, toiletries, clothing). If you have pets, make sure your pets also have adequate supplies. Plan for a week's worth of supplies for each person. You'll need at least four gallons of water per person for a week.

Research ways to protect your house. Storm shutters and other alternatives can provide protection for your house. Learn how to use them properly before hurricane season starts.

Document your belongings. Photograph or videotape your belongings. Make a written list to accompany your photos or video. Store the documentation in a waterproof container or in a safe place outside of your house such as a relative's house or safe deposit box.

Tips to Follow as a Hurricane Approaches

Inspect drains and pipes. Make sure roof and floor drains are functional and clear of debris.
Secure doors and windows. Protect windows from flying debris, and make sure that the doors and windows will stay latched.

Move objects indoors or anchor them outside. Anything that could be moved by high winds could be potentially dangerous and should be secured or moved inside.

Prepare your car in case of evacuation. Fill your gas tank and check your tires. Put emergency supplies in your car.

Protect important documents in waterproof containers. Make copies and keep them in a safe deposit box or a friend's or relative's house outside the area.

Fill the bathtub with water to use for non-drinking purposes. In addition to drinking water, you'll need water for bathing and flushing the toilet. Line your bathtub with plastic sheeting before filling it.

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