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Prepare for Flash Flooding

May 29 2014 Know the flood warning system in your community and be sure your family knows the warning. Instruct family members in emergency procedures during a flood warning. If you live in an area subject to frequent or sudden floods, especially flash floods, you may... more

Staying Healthy Through the Changing of Seasons

May 15 2014 While it’s difficult enough to match your wardrobe to the forecast, fluctuating weather patterns and changing temperatures can leave you feeling ill to boot. Here are a few tips to ramp up your health when the weather begins to wreak havoc on your health: 1.... more

Tips for Surviving Hurricane Season

May 14 2014 Hurricane Preparedness Tips Create a disaster plan to protect yourself and your family. Planning how you will take cover in your home or evacuate, if necessary, can help reduce anxiety and minimize loss of life and property. Designate an evacuation point... more

Motorcycle Safety Tips

May 12 2014 Motorcycles are fun and fuel efficient. That’s not news to anyone who’s ridden one. But neither is the fact that they’re also way more dangerous than a car. The cold reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car,... more

4 Signs You Have The Wrong Health Insurance

May 12 2014 1.You would go to a different doctor if you could afford it. Do you wish you could go back to your old doctor, but he or she isn’t in your network? Many Americans distrust their doctors, but trust is an important component in the patient-doctor relationship,... more

How to help your child secure an Internship

May 2 2014 If your child is preparing for an unpaid or paid internship opportunity, congratulations! Internships are a great way for students to learn about themselves, gain experience, network and more. If you’re excited about the opportunity but concerned about... more

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