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Tips for moving in the rain!

from Brodbeck Porter Insurance Agency

Apr 3, 2014

April showers bring may flowers, or so the saying goes. The truth is that rain persists throughout the spring season. Depending on where you live, afternoon downpours may only become more common as we head into summer. If you're planning to move in spring, it's best to be prepared for some wetter weather.

Some people may be disinclined to make any concessions, no matter the conditions, citing that other common saying: A little rain never hurt anyone. However, slippery conditions can pose a safety hazard, and getting wet in cold temperatures could be bad for your health. Finally, rain can ruin boxes, damage your stuff and even lead to mold growth if you don't unpack and dry your things immediately after moving.

Here are some tips to help keep a rainy-day move, a safe, healthy and happy one:

Wear rain boots

Wellies and similarly waterproof foot gear are essential for keeping dry when the puddles get deep. Those with slip-resistant soles are also helpful in preventing falls. Stairs are common and dangerous places to slip, but you should also be wary of dragging rain into the house, which may create another hazard, especially on hardwood floors. Another major concern is the metal ramp found on the backs of moving trucks, which can get very slippery. They are among the most dangerous places to fall because they're right next to the edge of the truck, they're narrow, there is usually concrete underneath them, and they're often used to carry on heavy items such as furniture and boxes.

Cover and tape goods

Cardboard boxes don't fare well in the rain. They also don't do an excellent job of keeping excessive amounts of rain out. Try to cover boxes as you move them out to the car. At the very least, tape any seams or cracks with masking tape to help keep water from leaking through.

In the same vein, you'll want to cover cloth items that absorb water easily. Your most valuable investment is a mattress cover, as mattresses are difficult to dry out. Use trash bags to cover clothes and other items that could be damaged by rain.

Lay a ground cover

Even if you do a good job of keeping your goods dry, rain can still get in the back of the truck and ruin your things. Lay a ground cover to help avoid puddles that can soak into the bottom of boxes.

Keep a towel around

Drying rags and cloths are helpful when walking in and out of a house or apartment. Wipe up any rain to reduce slipping hazards. You can also lay down a few cloths for people to walk on so that they don't track in water or mud. If any of your boxes get wet, a towel is handy for drying them.

Unpack wet boxes

Towels are a temporary solution for wet boxes. If one of them got drenched, you'll want to unpack it sooner rather than later. Wet boxes that sit around for too long can start to grow mold. This problem may not be as much of a concern for easily cleanable items such as pots or pans; however, fabric objects such as your clothes may be ruined. The worst problem would be to have your mattress or large furniture grow mold, which will smell and be costly to replace.

These are just some tips to stay safe and dry in the rain. In general, use caution and common sense when lifting heavy items in slippery conditions. Also, be sure to drive carefully on the roads. The weight of a moving truck only makes it harder to steer in inclement weather.

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