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Benefits of an Independent Agent

from Brodbeck Porter Insurance Agency

Apr 30, 2014

The Benefits of Using Independent Insurance Agencies

When shopping for insurance, most people take little time to consider whether they are talking to an agent working for a company or an independent agent. In fact, most don’t know the difference or the benefits of going with an independent agent. Though it is largely unknown, independent agents can offer more flexibility, better prices, and will act as your advocate in the case of a claim.

Captive Agents Versus Independent Agents

Insurance agents who are hired to represent one company are called captive agents. They are prohibited from selling insurance from companies other than the one they represent. If there is a company you prefer to do business with, a captive agent representing that company will probably meet your needs well.

If, however, you want more flexibility, an independent agent will be the better option. Independent agents are not beholden to any company. This allows them to offer their clients more choices. They can check the prices of several different companies and offer their clients the best choice to meet their needs at an affordable price.

Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

Independent agents work for you, not a company. This means that as your insurance needs change, you won’t have to change agents. You can work with your independent agent to find the better option. Furthermore, when you have a claim, your agent will be there to represent your interests. You are, after all, his client not the insurance company. He has every incentive to ensure you aren’t cheated by the company to which he sold you insurance.

They can also be the agent you go to for all of your insurance needs: auto, homeowners, business, life, health, etc. This will make it easier for you to find the policies at lower prices without having to contact multiple companies yourself. Your independent agent can sell you auto insurance with one company, health with another, and homeowners with still another.

Because independent agents work exclusively off of commission from sales, they have every incentive to ensure you are satisfied. They tend to know their clients and maintain strong relationships with them. Many also make sure they review the policies of their clients to ensure they are still getting the best deals for their needs. Captive agents might do this with policies within their company, but they would never be able to offer their clients policies from other companies, even if they know they would be better for them. This is one less worry for you, should you go with an independent agent.

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